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We The People

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Ethan Ward has dreamed of being President of the United States since he was eight years old. He took his parents very seriously when they told him that holding such an important job would mean putting the needs of the American people before his own wants and desires. He also had to tell the truth – always. Those words stayed with him throughout his life, even when his award-winning high school debate team visited Washington D.C. and he met H.W. Bush. When asked what career he hoped to pursue, Ethan told the President, in all seriousness, that he would one day have his job.

That dream was put on the back burner as Ethan got older and life itself got in the way. At age thirty-seven it resurfaced when his sister, Deanna, was killed in Afghanistan. The war had to end, and the President of the United States was the only one with the power to do so. America faced other problems, though: high gas prices, an economy that was on a downward spiral, a National Debt that was sky rocketing out of control, a home foreclosure rate that was unprecedented, and American jobs that were being shipped overseas allowing illegal aliens to take what was left. Ethan has logical, down-to-earth solutions for all of the problems – if he can just get the American people to listen to him. More importantly, they have to take him seriously. He’s a small town boy, owner of a small construction company. Husband to Kelly and father to Alyssa, Devon and Dillon. He loves to bowl, to hunt and fish, and he’s Wisconsin’s #1 Packer fan. He has never held a public office, though. He never went to college. He’s a simple high school graduate who loves his country more than most.

That alone is enough to impress Monica Sheffield, widow of a former U.S. Congressman, who attends the press conference in Gordon, Wisconsin when Ethan announces his intention to run for President. His own family thinks he’s slipped over the edge, but Monica sees the earnestness in his eyes and hears the passion in his voice when he talks of “serving each and every American citizen” and “preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States”. Ethan has a gift, a gift that has to be shared. He, unlike any other President in recent history, was an honest, hard-working man who would work tirelessly to make America a place its citizens could be proud to call home.

With Monica on board as Ethan’s campaign manager, the job of traveling the road to the White House begins – literally. Armed with a few volunteers and a half-million dollars borrowed from his father’s retirement fund, the write-in candidate begins an eighteen-month tour of the U.S. He travels the country in an old RV. He campaigns in AmeriMart parking lots. He meets the people, and the people support him – because he’s one of them. There’s no double-talk. No promises than can’t possibly be kept. Just a straight forward, no-holds-barred platform that brings out the worst in the other candidates, because this “nobody” just might take it all.

Tender Persuasion


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A true story of tragedy and terror

Of understanding and patience

Of courage and triumph

Kaitlyn Emberland was brutally raped five years ago. She almost died, and her assailant left behind forty-two scars to remind her of their encounter. She will never trust a man again. She will never love again. The mere thought of a man’s touch makes her skin crawl—and then she meets Marc Campbell. He is different. He’s kind, gentle, understanding, and he loves her. He is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Kaitlyn that she can put the rape behind her and live and love again.

But is it even possible? Can such a brutal act of violence and betrayal ever truly be overcome? Kaitlyn has her doubts, but with the commencement of Marc’s “treatment”, even she begins to believe that she may one day enjoy the physical side of love again—an act that now makes her heart pound with soul-shaking terror, and a goal that Marc is determined to attain.

***Please be advised that some of the scenes in “Tender Persuasion” are sexually explicit and may be disturbing to some readers.

Wagons To The Past


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It’s the family vacation of a lifetime. A trip on a genuine wagon train headed west across the Great Plains of Kansas. The brochure promises adventure, realism and romance, but it says nothing about the possibility that your entire caravan of more than forty twenty-first century pioneers could become unwilling participants in a real trek west. A trip that is destined to take place in the year 1845; a trip that will test your stamina and courage as you cross endless deserts, towering peaks and raging rivers. Add to that a prairie fire and a ghostly caravan of immigrants who trudge through your circled corral of wagons and disappear into the endless void of a night sky. Then suddenly, gun shots. The cry of snarling wolves, and a man dressed in buckskin. He identifies himself as Luke Skinner, the most infamous wagon pilot ever to cross the Great Divide. He’s the crazy one, right? He and his wagon train of four hundred determined immigrants are the ones living in the past. Or are you?



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