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4202080“Writing is a solitary occupation. Family, friends and society are the natural enemies of a writer. He must be alone, uninterrupted and slightly savage if he is to sustain and complete an undertaking.” - Laurence Clark Powell

My inspiration as a writer comes from all those who have gone before me. Some of the quotes that will appear on this page over the coming months are by authors whose fame cannot be denied. Others will be the musings of more obscure writers. All of them hold meaning for me…


I have been called a romantic at heart, and so I am. In fact, I started out in this business as a romance author. Inevitably, though, my last few books were touted as being “more suspense than romance,” or “more action than romance,” or “more history than romance”. I haven’t changed. My writing hasn’t changed, but my view toward what I should offer my readers has. I like to think I have grown as an author, but maybe I just became bored with writing the stereotypical romance. The genre of my books may vary now, everything from thriller, to suspense, to mystery, to science fiction, but there will always be that inevitable romantic undertone. It’s who I am—and is that not what life is all about?
Now, a little about me…

I have been writing since the age of twenty. (That’s 36 years and, yes, I’m disclosing my age.) I am the proud mother of three, stepmother of two, and grandmother to twelve wonderful children. I lost the love of my life, my husband Ron, in November of 2011 when he died in an accident at work. He took my heart with him and, for a time, my desire to write. Time, as they say, heals all wounds, however, and I have again discovered my passion for the written word. In fact, I find it strangely comforting to delve into the intricate webs that are my character’s lives and immerse myself in their existence instead of dwelling on my own.

Next to writing, my second passion is live theater. I founded a local community theater group back in 1992 and directed upwards of 40 shows, including three that I authored. I also appeared on stage a few times, portraying Anna in The King and I and Miss Hannigan in Annie. I am sad to say that the theater group closed its final curtain in 2008, but those 16 years will always hold some of my fondest memories.

My husband and I moved from Superior five years ago, seeking the serenity of country living. We also wanted to get away from the natural air conditioning provided by Lake Superior. We moved only 50 miles south, but the temperature can vary by 20-30 degrees. I guess I’m a country girl at heart. I simply love this area, even though I must now enjoy its beauty alone. I love the solitude, the picturesque beauty of the sun rising over the water, the strangely calming effect of watching a deer graze outside my kitchen window. Never again, will I live in the city. I am an author, after all, and what better place to be inspired than in God’s own back yard.


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